This is Kyle's story as told by him. No edits. Straight up Kyle's. Despite the challenges, Kyle's GR8ness comes across in his story loud and clear. He's a true warrior and a true GR8-1. Go get 'em Kyle.

"My name is Kyle, I am 9 years old. I was born pre-maturely at 26 weeks and spent my first 3 months in the hospital. Since leaving the hospital, I have faced many challenges but what is more important is how I handled those challenges and use the experiences to inspire me in my life.

When I was in the hospital my first 3 months of life so many great people helped me over-come the challenges of being a premie, people I will never know or see in my life again. I have asked myself how can I be inspired by the fact that so many people did great things to help me live or become what I am today and I am thankful about that.

I have had several surgeries in my life to assist my legs with a normal growth process. This requires me to use a wheelchair, casts, and AFOs for several months. Although this could be frustrating but I am fortunate to experience these challenges with the knowledge that I have a better future.

Learning or understanding about these challenges inspires me to help other people in the future at the moment I am not sure about what it will look like but that is ok because whatever I decide to do in the future these experiences have taught me that I should help other people. Life is not easy but, it is definitely worth living and living is about helping others to." Kyle, 9 Yrs old.

July 13, 2021 — Michele Colonna

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