We came across Derrick's story from an abcnews profile which was very inspiring and very much in line with who we are as a brand. Derrick's story is very much part of the canon of stories that we want to tell. It's the quintessential American story: hard work, perseverance, determination, faith and ultimately success as the outcome. We had a chance to connect with Derrick recently for a brief chat. You can read Derrick's story here.


1Q. Having followed your social media activity for only about a month now, what comes across loud and clear, is a consistent message of optimism, faith and belief in one’s self. Is that a fair snapshot of who you are as a person? Kindly elaborate.

1A. I’m very optimistic when it comes to life because I know who holds my life plans so I just try everyday as a person to be positive about life even in times of negativity.

2Q. I know it’s been quite a whirlwind since the WABC profile, the work at the school, college etc. Can you share with us where Derrick is today in his life journey?

2A. Dreams, hopes, fears, accomplishments, you name it. Today in my life I’m a junior in college working on my bachelors degree to become a PE everything else will take care of it self.


3Q. Can you share your personal experience in the role that mentorship plays in a community?

3A. From my experience standpoint is that it helped me grow as a person to be able to help someone out and remembering the people who helped me.


4Q.  It’s 2031. Where do I find Derrick? What is he been up to?

4A. 2031 you will find me coaching at school and developing young people in sports to be better in competition and in life.


5Q. What is your definition of success? What makes for a successful life?

5A. My definition for success is being a person on Earth that is using everyday living their purpose out and storing riches in other people lives.


6Q.  A day in Derrick’s life

6A. A day in my life is following the 3 F’s  faith, family, & friends. Having a clear mind everyday knowing I’m blessed to have what I have in life a relationship with Jesus and the people he gave me to do life with. 


7Q. a GR8-1 is…….

7A. A GR8-1 is a relentless competitor that will overcome any obstacles that life throws at them. Life is more 10% what happens to you 90% how you respond. 

July 20, 2021 — Michele Colonna

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