Austin Fowler

We are so proud to partner with Austin Zucchini Fowler and feature his product capsule as our first collaboration in occasion of our launch. Austin is a Denver-based artist / muralist who gained notoriety and came into the national spotlight during the COVID crisis through his public work highlighting essential workers with his large scale murals throughout Denver, where he's based. Austin's unique pointillist style and positive imagery is a constant in all his work. His selfless effort and humble thank you message to a segment of the population highly affected by the crisis speaks for itself and in our eyes makes Austin a truly GR8-1. Austin has created for this launch occasion a series of designs that follows the same theme. We hope you enjoy the capsule and support Austin by purchasing some of his designs.

Artist Statement

Shifting from the streets to apparel, this clothing line is an extension of the positive aesthetic I work to achieve in my large-scale murals. Wings have been a continuous motif in my work and their representation of greatness work as a perfect compliment to the Gr8-1 brand.

My goal as an artist has always been to spread positive imagery in the world. Be Kind and Breathe.

Spray Paint Cans