GR8-1 is a community-generating digital platform that shines a light on today’s youth who aspire to be great in everyday moments. Through the smallest act or action gone viral, their passion to be authentic and purposeful lifts others up and inspires more GR8ness.They are the 1s’ living to make a difference. #liveonpurpose #jointhecommunity GR8-1 was born as a digital brand, dedicated to building a community for young men and women committed to living your life on purpose and being a great one. There are so many interesting young people out there leading interesting lives, making a difference in the world and it's our goal to provide the platform for these young voices to express themselves. One of our main initiatives is the collaboration process whereby we partner with young talent in developing capsules of product that conveys their story and message. We're interested in young artists, musicians, athletes, scientists, designers, and everything in between who have a GR8 message to share. Reach out and share your story with us! The GR8-1 Team

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