Alex Hogan

(on Alex, the 101, our classic logo tee)

With everything "negative" happening in the world, I believe it is difficult for us young professionals to grasp true reality. Being happy, successful, and satisfied is becoming ever more ambiguous by definition. Having open and honest conversations about how each of us is unique will drive a world of innovation. Although we might have different beliefs, opinions, or ideas, a bridge is built through dialogue and communication. Too often, we want to disagree and disregard someone if when not fully aligned. Let's all take some time to listen and appreciate differences. My story began my junior year of undergrad at Marietta College. I've always been passionate about speaking and being motivational but lacked the discipline needed to become a sound leader. Let's face it, managing people and process is a difficult task! After achieving an internship with Amazon, I quickly realized that I was less than a year away from the "real" world. The moment I had this realization, I instantly panicked. I was like a deer in headlights, asking questions like, "am I really ready for all of this?" Moreover, I realized that I was becoming someone that I didn't know in an attempt to "fit in." Talking about things I really didn't know about. Undermining others because that's what I saw other adults doing. I felt like I had little to no direction at this point in my life, and quite honestly, I wasn't happy. Luckily, I have been blessed with such an incredible support system. They picked me up, believed in my future, and emphasized the power of being myself because that's what is most important. .Since that realization back in college (2017), I have achieved some pretty good milestones in my life. *Lost over 100 pounds *Ran a marathon *Found a job I love *Marry the woman of my dreams My story isn't unique. There are plenty of young professionals that had to pivot for the best. Just be you. -Alex Hogan