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"My goal as an artist has always been to spread positive imagery in the world. Be Kind and Breathe." Austin Zucchini Fowler


We got to know Austin around the time he was starting to get national traction for his Healthcare Hero mural project. His selfless act of simple gratitude and homage to the frontline workers battling the pandemic was something that struck as as exemplary and spoke of character. The embodiment of living life on purpose. We are so excited to be partnering with Austin for this maiden collaboration. The following is an awesome blog post from Ed de Bono at Grow Positive Thoughts which you can check out for a more in-depth coverage and amazing photos of Austin's work.

Meet Austin.

Austin Zucchini-Fowler was born and raised in Pheonix Arizona with two passions.

“There were two staples in my life growing up ... athletic swimming and art.”

He first moved to Colorado in 2008 to attend Denver University (graduated in 2012) on an athletic scholarship for swimming and received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

“I became pretty serious about art in High School. My mom was a big supporter of pushing and allowing me to pursue that.” He speaks fondly of his Italian mother (the Zucchini in his last name comes from her). It is clear that her support in what society might label as an “uncertain career” has played a big role in getting him to where he is today. He was able to study many different kinds of creating art in college at DU.

“Art is something that is meditative and special to me, so whether or not I am making a big financial career out of it… it is something I am always going to do.”

After time spent at DU, Austin followed his passion for swimming and took on various competitive coaching positions. “I coach a club team at DU and high school 13-18-year-old students.” He explains that swimming was the most consistent way to make money for him in the past, but he shares equal passion with both his chosen careers.

Austin is an assiduous individual, always developing his skills. His unique pointillism style is something he has been working on for a long time. Before the recent success of angelic winged murals around Denver, he created art on a smaller scale for the community. (Making time where he could.)

His website shows a variety of subject matter including animals painted and made into stickers for the Denver zoo, and not to forget the aforementioned first outdoor mural piece; Kendrick Lamar in RiNo.

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