Ray "Raymundo" Slater

Grit, perseverance and determination are some of the key ingredients in our book for what makes someone a GR8-1 in our eyes. Ray captures these values wholeheartedly as his track record clearly shows. As one of the producers on the Bobby Jones Show, the most popular syndicated country music radio show in the country, Ray has been able to master the role and learn from one of the industry giants all while developing his own persona which has become a very valuable addition and reference point for the show. As we preach authenticity as a brand, Ray is the prime example of being your authentic self can open the doors to success and opportunity. I met Ray 6 months ago and after only two days I thought my name was “Coach”. Ray is still in full pursuit of his goals but is a great example of how being your authentic self can lead to GR8 opportunities in life.


Ray Slater, better known as Raymundo on the Bobby Bones Show, is a radio producer in Nashville, TN. He was born is Salt Lake City, UT and although he excelled in many sports growing up, he knew that becoming a radio personality would be his career. After attending college at Texas State University his path to achieving his dream got on track. After many years of interning and learning the ropes, Ray landed a spot on the Bobby Bones Show in 2014. Since then, he has also starred in music videos, won CMA and ACM awards and assisted in writing country music songs. Ray is heavily involved with anything related to curing Breast Cancer primarily because his wife Laura is a breast cancer survivor. We’re proud to have Ray join our GR8-1 community. Follow Raymundo @sznraymundo